Photograph sent to me by Fiona Lilley, her email is copied below :-

Here is a school class photo taken in 1950 at St. George's school, Northampton. My mum, Diane Twiselton, is standing in the third row, fourth from the left.

She has identified as many people as possible on the photo. 

Front Row - from left to right

Malcolm, Rita Goldthorp, Brian Cooper, Gillian Reeves, Peter Copson, Jeanette Waghorn, James Gudger*, Gillian Worrall 

* = born Nov 24th,1941 (thanks to Janet Ellis) and lived in Northcote Street (thanks to Val Burgess)

Second Row - from left to right

Angela Stanbridge, John Starmer, Wendy Mitchell, Peter Lowrey, Margaret Gibbs, -?-, Carol Phillips, Paul -?-,  

Third Row - from left to right

Peter Cook, Pat Chambers, Clive -?-, Diane Twiselton, David Earl, Marilyn James, David Reeves,Shirley Bracknell, Brian Cooper 

Fourth Row - from left to right

Greta -?-, Christine Morrison, Diane Harvey, Pat Letts, Sheila Wilcox, Shirley Robinson (twin 1)*, Carol Moss, Valerie Price, Movita Allen, Margaret Robinson (twin 2)*, Madeline Bullock 

* = thanks to Val Burgess

Top Row - from left to right

Philip Isherwood, -?-, -?-, John Fitzhugh, -?-, Malcolm Ross, -?-, -?-, 

Mum has written the following memories of her time at St. George's: 

'I think the photograph was taken by our teacher James Putsey. He was very strict and would throw chalk or a blackboard duster at anyone misbehaving.

He would rap pupils on the knuckles with a ruler. Two of the boys, Malcolm Ross and John Starmer, used to suck their thumbs.

To cure them of this Mr Putsey would paint their thumbs with a liquid called bitter aloes.

This made them sick and John Starmers grandmother came to the school and complained - I think the practise was stopped. 

The headmistress was Miss Staughton and other teachers were Mr North, Mr Markie, Mr Roderick and Miss Fitzhugh. Mr Roderick and Miss Fitzhugh at some point got married.  

Miss Baker was headmistress when I first started school in 1947 - she retired at some point and Miss Staughton became headmistress.'

Email received from John Starmer JAN 2013

Front row boys first name. Malcolm Nixon (possibly)

Second row ........ After Gibbs boys surname Richard (possibly) Merrill last name is Paul HUMPHRIES

Top row second boy Roy Brown seventh boy Tony Zonomblick

Will try to help more........John Starmer



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